Tudor Draganoiu

Associate professor

Mail : tdragano@parisnanterre.fr

Research interests

            I am interested in both proximal and ultimate questions concerning animal communication with a special emphasis on bird vocal behaviour and individual recognition processes. My main study species is a migratory songbird, the Black Redstart Phoenicurus ochruros. During my PhD thesis I investigated parent-offspring recognition processes in relation to parental investment strategies. Redstarts divide their broods after fledging with each parent preferentially feeding a particular subset of young within a brood. Both sexes vocally discriminate between the begging calls of their preferentially fed chicks versus those fed by the other parent. During a post-doctoral fellowship I focused on song stability and long-term neighbour-stranger vocal discrimination in the same species.

            The black redstart is a species found both in its natural habitat (rocky mountain areas) and in human modified habitats (both villages and cities). Up to now I studied a small population in a mountain village of the Massif Central. At the present I aim to understand how the vocal communication (quantity, rhythm and structure of vocal productions) and recognition abilities are modified in the urban habitat. At the same time I will investigate in a laboratory study using domestic canaries, Serinus canaria how urban noise may affect female sexual preferences for males songs.




Guillaume Huet des Aunay - Master project (2009-2011)


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Updated on 12 septembre 2011