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The « good genes » theory (Moore, 1994) postulates that mating animals must search for a high genetic quality sexual partner in order to pass on characteristics of this partner. To make a choice, during pairing, animals need reliable phenotypic clues of its sexual partner's genetic quality. Female birds' selection criteria for a mate (Bateson, 1983 ; Hill, 1990 ; Dugatkin & Godin, 1998) are known to be divided in three types : morphological criteria, behavioural criteria and territory.

In this scientific background, it is interesting to study morphological, genetic, physiological and / or behavioural male indexes in positive or negative relation with female domestic canary (Serinus canaria) mate choice and reproductive success.

The influence of testosterone on male behaviour (parental behaviour, dominance, aggressiveness, singing activity, nest building behaviour...), male attendance during reproduction, kinship degree with female, female reproductive past with a particular male, mate choice is studied related to female preferences (for songs or males), clutches' sex ratio, reproductive success (chick number, chick survival).

Keywords : Canary, Mate choice, Reproductive success, Kinship, Behaviour, Hormone.

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André Lacroix
Centre d'Etudes Biologiques de Chizé
79360 Beauvoir sur Niort

Sophie Baron
Laboratoire Genindexe (La Rochelle)


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