Mathieu Amy

Associate professor

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1999 - 2002. Bachelor Degree in Psychology. Universities Paris 8 and Paris 13.

2002 - 2004. Research Master in Psychology. University Université Paris Nanterre, France.

2004- 2007. PhD in Neurosciences. University Université Paris Nanterre, France.

2010 - 2011 Master in Clinical Neuropsychology. Université de Lille 3, France.




2007-2008. Research and Teaching Assistant. University Université Paris Nanterre, France.

2008 - 2009. Post-doctoral researcher (Fyssen Grant) at the NIOO-KNAW, Department of animal ecology, Centre for Terrestrial Ecology, The Netherlands.

2009 - 2010 Research and Teaching Assistant. University Université Paris Nanterre, France.


Research interests

Effects of social environment on conspecifics' interactions

Interindividual variations in communication and sexual selection




Ung D., Amy M. & Leboucher G. 2011. Heaven it's my wife! Male canaries conceal extra-pair courtships but increase aggressions when their mate watches. PLoS ONE, 6(8): e22686.


Amy M., Sprau P., de Goede P. & Naguib M. 2010. Effects of personality on territory defence in communication networks: a playback experiment with radio-tagged great tits. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B, 277, 3685-3692.


Garcia-Fernandez V., Amy M., Lacroix A., Malacarne G. & Leboucher G. 2010. Eavesdropping on male singing interactions leads to differential allocation in eggs. Ethology, 116, 662-670.


Tanvez A., Amy M., Chastel O. & Leboucher G. 2009. Maternal effects and ß-carotene assimilation in canary chicks. Physiology and Behavior, 96, 389-396.


Amy M. & Leboucher G. 2009. Effects of eavesdropping on subsequent signalling behaviours in male canaries. Ethology, 115, 239-246.


Amy M., Monbureau M., Durant C., Gomez D., Théry M. & Leboucher G. 2008. Female canary mate preferences: differential use of information from two types of male-male interactions. Animal Behaviour, 76, 971-982.


Amy M. & Leboucher G. 2007. Male canaries can visually eavesdrop on conspecific food interactions. Animal Behaviour, 74, 57-62.


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